Besson Auditory Training System

Besson Auditory Training SystemTM

Christophe Besson has an immense reputation for the manufacture of high quality equipment that support auditory therapies. Christophe collaborated with Dr Alfred Tomatis (French Ear, Nose and Throat specialist) to develop many technical innovations relating to Auditory Training in the 1990s. Today he continues to produce equipment that faithfully reproduces the acoustic treatments that Dr Alfred Tomatis’ describes in his publications.

Besson’s enterprise “Besson-of-Switzerland” concentrates on the ongoing development and manufacture of auditory training equipment to support clinical auditory interventions. 

Currently Besson-of-Switzerland is the sole worldwide manufacturer of high fidelity analogue auditory training equipment.

Besson-of-Switzerland products offer practitioners an uncompromising approach to assist auditory processing difficulties, auditory attention and receptive language problems.

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