Marina de Santiago


Marina de Santiago

Speech Therapist
Diploma in Speech Therapy
INPP Licensee
Johansen Therapist
Neurofeedback Therapist
Director and Supervisor at Sincronía Therapeutic Center (interdisciplinary center for neurodevelopment and self-regulation)


Member of the College of Speech Therapists of Madrid
Member – ANSA Applied Neuroscience Society of Australasia


Marina de Santiago graduated with a the Diploma in Speech Therapy at the Complutense University of Madrid. Since graduating she has been delving into the neurological bases of learning, reading and behavior problems. This is how Marian became familiar with the special needs of adopted children who seemed to be different from those of other children. Thanks to the knowledge she acquired in her training as an INPP therapist, she was able to understand part of these difficulties and how they were caused, especially those related to learning and reading. Motivated by treating the difficulties encountered in this population, she decided to deepen her knowledge about the electrical functioning of the brain and came to use QEEG as a test of normal or pathological functioning of the brain and Neurofeedback as a therapeutic tool.

Together with Martha Mack and Rosa Payán, she has become part of the APAAL Institute both to be able to help people with language, pronunciation and development problems and to teach other professionals the enormous possibilities that such an integrative therapy can bring them in their daily practice.

For more than 20 years, Marina has worked with children, adolescents and adults with learning disabilities, dyslexia, dysorthography, autism spectrum, moderate and severe language delays, maturational delays, aphasias and dysphasias with the tools she has acquired during her years of teaching. experience.

Thanks to the wide range of therapies that he dominates and that can help in the restructuring of the nervous system and his knowledge of how adverse experiences in the early stages of life can trigger various pathologies, he has focused his performance as a professional on finding out the way and the order more effective to apply such therapies and improve the lives of patients who come to his practice seeking help.
In adult patients, understanding how each of the structures and connections of the brain are formed and stabilized and which ones have to emerge so that others begin to form, have provided a unique way of working where an appropriate itinerary can be followed that leads to improvement. planned from a functional point of view.

Currently she works at the Sincronía Therapeutic Center in a team with other professionals including psychologists, occupational therapists, psychiatrists, neurologists, physiotherapists and pediatricians to identify the most appropriate interventions and stimulation of the nervous system in a holistic and targeted way.

Areas of work

Autism spectrum disorder
Learning difficulties/Dyslexia
Developmental delays
Auditory processing difficulties/disorders
Dyslexia and literacy problems
Neuromotor delay with or without the presence of primitive reflexes
Language disorders
Dyslalias and language decoding problems
Aphasias, dysphasias and other neurological disorders that involve damage to oral or written language
Learning disorders and regulation of social behavior (pragmatic) associated with traumatic experiences in childhood (institutionalization)
Expert in early age stimulation
Specialist in voice disorders, prevention and treatment
Specialist in child and adult stuttering

Other Services